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Watchmen returns ... to remind us to wash our hands

The cast of Damon Lindelof’s HBO series reunited for a PSA

Dr. Manhattan, on an abandoned street.
Photo: Mark Hill/HBO

One of the best ways of combating the COVID-19 pandemic besides practicing safe social distancing is to properly wash your hands. Various tips have been given on how to do so effectively, stressing the need to wash for at least 20 seconds and recommending methods of keeping track like singing “Happy Birthday” twice or refrains of other popular songs.

Damon Lindelof took to Instagram to present audiences with his own version of those rules, rounding up the cast of his HBO series Watchmen, including Regina King, Jean Smart, and Tim Blake Nelson, now dubbed the “Washmen.” The actors all address the camera in character, with Smart, as Laurie Blake, recommending hand-washers pass time while telling a joke, while Tom Mison and Sara Vickers, as Ozymandias’ staff, reference their devotion to their master.

The resulting video is a delight, as well as a treat for any of us missing the show since its conclusion in December. Watch it for yourself below:

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Stay safe out there.

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