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Star Trek: Prodigy cartoon series will bring the final frontier to Nickelodeon

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Just a ship fulla of Wesleys

CBS has revealed new details on its animated Star Trek series for kids. Star Trek: Prodigy will air on Nickelodeon.

Announced in 2019, the CGI animated show is set in the Star Trek universe, and is perhaps the first installment of the Star Trek franchise to be aimed primarily at children. The series is being developed by Kevin and Dan Hageman, of Ninjago and Guillermo del Toro’s Trollhunters.

Today’s announcement revealed an official title, Star Trek: Prodigy, and a brand new logo.

According to CBS’ press release, Prodigy will follow “a group of lawless teens who discover a derelict Starfleet ship and use it to search for adventure, meaning and salvation.”

A little bit Star Trek and a little bit Space Cases? There have been worse ideas.

CBS did not offer a release date for Star Trek: Prodigy, but announced that the show will premiere sometime in 2021, exclusively on Nickelodeon.