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Star Trek: Discovery season 3 trailer begins with a time travel disaster

Michael Burnham and crew are headed for the far end of the Star Trek timeline

CBS revealed a new look at hit streaming series Star Trek: Discovery today, with plenty of action and adventure for its time-lost crew of Federation officers.

Discovery concluded its second season in 2019 when Michael Burnham and the loyal crew of the Discovery saved the galaxy from an evil AI — and, in the process, yeeted themselves through a quantum singularity and 930 years into the far future.

Discovery began life in Star Trek’s past, taking place just a few years before Kirk and Spock took the helm of the Enterprise and left on their five-year mission. Now the show is positioned to lay the first new foundations in the franchise since Star Trek: Enterprise, another prequel series. And as this trailer indicates, things aren’t all hunky dory for the Federation in the future.

As for our crew, we kick right off with a classic Star Trek hallmark: They wreck their ship. That’s how you know a Star Trek show has reached its adulthood.

Discovery’s third season takes place a millennia in the future, around the 33rd century. That particular time period is about as far as the known Star Trek timeline stretches, so Discovery will truly be discovering new stories when it returns to CBS All Access on Oct. 15.

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