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Infinity Train is full steam ahead for Book 4

Warner Media announced a load of new titles and new seasons for beloved animated shows

a girl watches as a train goes by with an eerie green glow out of the windows Image: Cartoon Network
Petrana Radulovic is an entertainment reporter specializing in animation, fandom culture, theme parks, Disney, and young adult fantasy franchises.

Cartoon Network turned HBO Max animated series Infinity Train is officially getting a fourth season. Warner Media announced the upcoming book four, along with other upcoming titles for Cartoon Network and HBO Max.

Infinity Train premiered on Cartoon Network in August 2019, with a second season running in January 2020 and a third hitting HBO Max in Aug. 2020. Whispers of the series’ potential cancellation circled in the midst of the third season, after creator Owen Dennis revealed on Twitter that much of the team had moved onto new projects. But thankfully, it looks like the show is back on track for a fourth season.

Each book of Infinity Train has featured a different set of characters exploring the endless train. The official synopsis for Book Four teases two old friends exploring the train and their relationship. A first cryptic teaser reveals some distorted audio alongside the Infinity Train title card.

Along with Infinity Train: Book Four, Warner Media also announced new Ben 10 specials — one that follows grown-up Ben reuniting with his past self, another that is a crossover with Generator Rex, and a third involving dimension hopping. An Amazing World of Gumball movie and a Teen Titans Go! spin off are also in the works.

New seasons of Craig of the Creek, Total Drama Island, and Victor and Valentino have also been green-lit, along with a second season of the yet-to-be-release animated Gremlins prequel, which takes place in 1920s Shanghai.

Warner also announced new shows, including Jade Armor, a show about a martial-arts loving teenage heroine learning her family’s secrets; Family Mash-Up, a family comedy about acapella; Gross Girls, a comedy about two best friends surviving middle school; and Tweety Mysteries, a hybrid live-action and animated show about Tweety Bird and a investigative podcaster.