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London is so messed up in Lockwood & Co., they won’t even say what happened

Nier: Automata’s Yoko Taro made a new 15-minute music video based on the game

The Legend of Vox Machina made one of Critical Role’s biggest moments even better

The Last of Us’ Nick Offerman’s video game obsession ended with Banjo-Kazooie

Can we talk about how the DCU reboot is starting with Frankenstein’s actual monster

The studio that made Wallace and Gromit is coming for Star Wars

Trigun Stampede had to completely transform Trigun to be faithful to Trigun

The best new TV series on every streaming service

Westworld and other axed HBO Max shows will return on free streaming services

Every new movie and show coming to Disney Plus in February

8 anime to catch up on for 2023’s biggest releases

Every movie and show coming to Netflix in February

What is it about strawberries in the post-apocalypse?

DC’s new movie and TV slate, explained by James Gunn

Here’s the official DC movie slate under James Gunn

Marie Kondo exiting her Marie Kondo phase is totally OK

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Poker Face creators desperately wanted a hero to call bullshit, so they invented one

Watching Natasha Lyonne say ‘bullshit’ for those who can’t never gets old

Netflix teases One Piece’s live-action crew in first poster

All the ways HBO’s The Last of Us TV show nods to the game

The Last of Us episode 3 is the ‘San Junipero’ of zombie stories

HBO’s The Last of Us improves on the game’s implied gay romance

Every type of infected in The Last of Us

Critical Role cast was thrilled to rewrite history with Legend of Vox Machina

Cowboy Bebop creator made it through one scene of the Netflix version

HBO renews The Last of Us for a second season

If you thought The Simpsons was getting canceled, you were 1,000% wrong

Alas, Logan Lerman is not playing Poseidon in the Disney Plus Percy Jackson series

The Last of Us Part 3 might not happen, according to Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann

Teen Wolf died so Wolf Pack could live

No lie, Rian Johnson’s Poker Face just owns

Formula 1: Drive to Survive returns, with the world champion’s cooperation

Golf clap for Noah Schnapp hiding a scathing Stranger Things Easter egg in his yearbook quote

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