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Trans streamer Keffals swatted and arrested in her home

Real-world animal shelters are streaming Stray to save cats’ lives

Pokimane is taking a break from making content

Streamer, former Fortnite pro Myth moving to YouTube in exclusive deal

Popular streamer LilyPichu takes exclusive deal with YouTube

A colorful, glitchy banner for Polygonathon 2022. It has the Polygonathon logo and a cool faded 2022, and below that it says “in support of Trans Lifeline”

Polygon is hosting a charity livestream for Trans Lifeline!

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Meet the streamer who helps PS5 buyers beat bots and scalpers

Jake Randall has built a platform on sharing his strategies

Posting the entirety of Morbius online is the best new Morbius joke

Ex-cop arrested for allegedly stalking World of Warcraft streamer

Twitch users can finally credit emote artists

Sykkuno explained why he left Twitch for YouTube

Popular streamer Sykkuno moves to YouTube in exclusive deal

Elden Ring dragons are way cooler through a kid’s eyes

Twitch updates its community guidelines to ban ‘misinformation superspreaders’

Critical Role’s Matt Mercer will run an Elden Ring one-shot adventure on Twitch

Metal drummer performs Metallica in mesmerizing Toad cosplay, voice included

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