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Uncharted 4 guide: Trophies

How to earn all 56 trophies

Nathan Drake punches a thug in a screenshot from Uncharted 4 Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Interactive Entertainment

In this Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End trophies guide, we’ll list all 56 trophies and their description. We’ve broken the list up into broad categories like collectibles, combat, and multiplayer.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End collectibles trophies

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End completion trophies

  • Charted! - Explorer. Complete the game in explorer mode
  • Charted! - Light. Complete the game in light mode
  • Charted! - Moderate. Complete the game in moderate mode
  • Charted! - Hard. Complete the game in hard mode
  • Charted! - Crushing. Complete the game in crushing mode
  • Charted! - Speedrun. Complete the game in 6 hours or less
  • Gift of Gab. Listen to all optional conversations in the game

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End gameplay and combat trophies

  • Head of the Class! Defeat 20 enemies with headshots
  • You Have a Head for this Business. Defeat 50 enemies with headshots
  • Hangman’s Bullet. Perform 20 headshots from the rope
  • Stealth First Ask Questions Later. Stealth take-down 5 enemies
  • Shh Sleep Now. Stealth take-down 30 enemies
  • I Thought I Heard Something. Perform 30 vertical stealth takedowns
  • Run-and-Gunner. Defeat 50 enemies from-the-hip or blind-firing
  • Leapfrog. Defeat 10 enemies in a row, alternating gunplay and hand-to-hand
  • Unstoppable! Defeat 100 enemies in a row without dying in combat
  • Sharpshooter. Complete game with 70% or higher shot accuracy
  • Rushing Roulette. Defeat enemies with a pistol, machine gun, and grenade, in that order, in 15 seconds
  • Ghost in the Cemetery. Get through Scotland cemetery combat encounter without killing or being seen
  • Butterfingers. Make 10 enemies drop their grenades
  • Boom County. Defeat 4 enemies with the same explosion
  • Defeat 10 in 60 — China Lake GL. Defeat 10 enemies in 60 seconds with the China Lake Grenade Launcher
  • Hang Tough! Destroy 10 vehicles while being dragged from the rope
  • Run the Table. Defeat enemies with a stealth attack, melee attack, headshot, and explosives, in that order, in 15 seconds
  • Hitting a Brick Wall. Defeat 5 armored enemies with melee only
  • Peaceful Resolution. After being marooned, leave everyone alive until the Treasury
  • Wingman. Perform 10 combo buddy takedowns
  • Cliffhanger. Pull 20 enemies over when hanging from a ledge
  • Ludonarrative Dissonance. Defeat 1,000 enemies
  • Don’t Feed the Animals. Play with the lemur in the market and let it steal your apple
  • I Accidentally All the Guns. Use every weapon in the game
  • Not a Cairn in the World. Knock over all rock cairns in Madagascar
  • I Can See My House from Here! Climb to the very top of the Clocktower in the City
  • Trials and Tribulations. Solve the first trail in Scotland in 10 moves or less
  • Best Score! Beat the best score in the retro videogame
  • Marco Polo Returns! Play in the ocean near the sunken ship
  • Stage Fright. Just prior to City Chase, stand perfectly still for 30 seconds
  • Just Floor It! Drive away in the jeep with Elena without killing any enemies
  • On Porpoise. Get three dolphins to follow the boat
  • Still Got It! Hit all targets in the attic with the toy gun
  • Glamour Shot. Take a photo with Sully
  • Swordmaster. Perfectly parry Rafe in the sword fight without getting slashed or stabbed

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End multiplayer trophies

  • Continue the Adventure. Complete the Uncharted Multiplayer introduction
  • Get in the Game. Complete 5 matches in multiplayer
  • Trials by Fire. Complete all trials on Moderate in multiplayer
  • Friends Forever! Spawn 10 Sidekicks in multiplayer
  • Medic! Revive 10 allies in multiplayer

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