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Uncharted 4 guide: Chapter 2 puzzle solution

The key to the prison zodiac puzzle solution

Nathan Drake from Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End’s chapter 2 puzzle Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Game Fans

In this Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Chapter 2 puzzle solution guide and walkthrough, we’ll explain how to decode the mystery in Burns’ cell. This guide will show you how to examine your notes and the zodiac signs within the room.

Uncharted 4 Chapter 2 puzzle solution

During Uncharted 4 Chapter 2, you enter a prison cell through a window. Once inside, you find cryptic zodiac signs and Roman numerals scratched into the walls. Using a note from earlier as a clue, you can decipher where a hidden object is tucked away in this cell.

You can use this short video from Game Fans on YouTube for hints or follow our simple puzzle solution walkthrough below.

  1. Upon entering the cell, examine the sun and moon etching in the corner of the room near the large iron gate. This will prompt Nathan to look at a letter he has in his possession.
  2. When examining the letter, Nathan will notice one half of the sun and moon etching on the note. Flip the note over to reveal the other half.
  3. Flip the note back to the front and you will get a prompt to fold the letter in half.
  4. Folding the note will complete the sun and moon drawing, but it also reveals the zodiac signs for Sagitarrius and Scorpio.
  5. Look above you around the room to see various zodiac symbols with Roman numerals next to them. Upon finding the symbols for Sagitarrius and Scorpio, you’ll see that combined, they equal XII in Roman numerals.
  6. After figuring out that number, turn to the wall opposite the large iron gate to the stones with numbers carved into them. Interact with the stone bearing the XII symbol to reveal a crucifix.

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