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V Rising Blood Essence guide

How to make all types of Blood Essence

A V Rising vampire stands in front of a pooled Castle Heart Image: Stunlock Studios via Polygon
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In V Rising, you’ll need Blood Essence to power up your castle and build tons of different objects. Our V Rising guide explains where to get Blood Essence and what it does.

You get Blood Essence from killing just about any living creature. It will automatically be added to your inventory (if you have space), upon kill, so you don’t have to manually pick it up.

Blood Essence powers your castle and prevents it from decaying, so you’ll want to keep your Castle Heart filled with it. Notably, you’ll also need Blood Essence to build specific furniture and crafting stations, so you definitely don’t want to trash any extra you may have.

As you progress further, you’ll also need Greater Blood Essence and Primal Blood Essence to make higher-level gear and items. These can be created using Blood Essence and specific types of hearts at the Blood Press crafting stations.

A V Rising Blood Press crafting station showing recipes for various blood-related items Image: Stunlock Studios via Polygon

The Blood Press is available to craft and place without taking down any V Blood bosses. Similarly, you can turn Unsullied and Exquisite Hearts into Greater and Primal Blood Essence, respectively. However, these hearts can be hard to find, making these recipes annoying.

Instead, you should track down two V Bloods to unlock recipes that allow for easier crafting using Blood Essence. The unlocks are as follows:

  • Greater Blood Essence recipe: Tristan the Vampire Hunter (level 46)
  • Primal Blood Essence recipe: Jade the Vampire Hunter (level 62)

Using these recipes, you can turn regular Blood Essence into Greater Blood Essence and turn that into Primal Blood Essence.

Blood Essence is not to be confused with the blood that your vampire character drinks, which has varying quality and types.

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