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Where to find Scourgestone in V Rising

You’ll need lots of Scourgestone to upgrade your study and other gear

A vampire stands in front of an advanced study desk Image: Stunlock Studios via Polygon
Julia Lee (she/her) is a guides producer, writing guides for games like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Genshin Impact. She helped launch the Rift Herald in 2016.

After you get to the second area in V Rising, you’ll start needing Scourgestone, a green-and-black rock, to craft new items. Scourgestone can be hard to find and annoying to craft, but have no fear, our V Rising guide explains where to find Scourgestone and how to make it.

Where to find Scourgestone in V Rising

You can find Scourgestone in the Church of the Damned, which is in the northern part of Dunley Farmlands.

A map showing where to find The Church of the Damned Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image sources: Stunlock Studios

We’ve also had luck looting Scourgestone from chests, drawers, and caskets in other areas of Dunley Farmlands, like the Dunley Monastery. However, there’s not much Scourgestone to find, as it doesn’t pop up in abundance the same way Cotton or Coarse Thread do.

To really score a lot of Scourgestone, we recommend crafting it.

How to craft Scourgestone in V Rising

In order to craft Scourgestone efficiently, there are two V Blood bosses you’ll need to take down. Christina the Sun Priestess (level 44) will allow you to craft Glass from Quartz, and Leandra the Shadow Priestess (level 46) teaches you how to craft Scourgestone. Christina roams around Dunley Farmlands, and Leandra can be found at the Church of the Damned (mapped above). You’ll also need to take down Grayson the Armourer to learn how to make Whetstone, but if you’re looking up how to get Scourgestone, you probably already have this recipe, right?

After you have all those recipes, you’ll need to use your Furnace to make Whetstone and Glass. You’ll also want to use a Grinder to make Grave Dust.

It costs one Whetstone, three Glass, and three Grave Dust to make one Scourgestone.

To make a lot, you’ll need a ton of these base ingredients:

  • Quartz (to make Glass)
  • Bones (to make Grave Dust)
  • Copper Ore (to make Copper Ingots for Whetstone)
  • Stone (to make Stone Dust for Whetstone)

You should have tons of most of these materials by this point in the game, with the exception of Quartz, which can be found in abundance at the Dunley Monastery and just around the Dunley Farmlands in general.