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Where to get Dark Silver Ingot in V Rising

With a Silver Resistance Brew in hand, head off to the Sacred Silver Mine

A V Rising vampire stands next to a bunch of furnaces Image: Stunlock Studios via Polygon
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One of the later tiers of equipment and upgrades in V Rising requires Dark Silver Ingot, an item that can be annoying to craft if you’re not well prepared. Our V Rising guide explains how to craft Dark Silver Ingot, as well as where you can find some.

Remember before going off to farm Silver Ore (which you’ll need for Dark Silver Ingots), that you are a vampire and silver hurts you. We recommend crafting and drinking a Silver Resistance Brew before you scour for any Silver Ore.

Where to find Dark Silver Ingot

Dark Silver Ingots have no specific farming point, as you will very likely need to craft them. If you’re lucky, you may find them in treasure chests and drawers in Silverlight Hills. However, this isn’t a reliable way to grab them, so you’re much better off just crafting them.

How to make Dark Silver Ingot in V Rising

To unlock the recipe for Dark Silver Ingots, you’ll need to take down Octavian the Militia Captain, a level 58 V Blood. You can find him at the Bastion of Dunley.

A map showing where to find Octavian in V Rising Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image sources: Stunlock Studios

Once you have it unlocked, you’ll need to put Scourgestone and Silver Ore into your Furnace to make it. (If you don’t have Scourgestone unlocked, then you might be looking up things a little too preemptively. Get ya’ Scourgestone first.)

You can find Silver Ore in abundance at the Sacred Silver Mine to the northwest, but before you go there, you should be at least level 60. As previously mentioned, you should bring a Silver Resistance Brew or two.

A map showing where to find Silver in V Rising Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image sources: Stunlock Studios

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