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Your biggest V Rising questions, answered

A FAQ for the vampiric survival game

A vampire stands in front of stone coffin in a blue-lit castle Image: Stunlock Studios
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Exploring the world of Vardoran in V Rising can be a scary task for a vampire who has just woken up from a deep sleep. To ease your troubles, we’ve put together a compilation of some of the biggest V Rising questions.

How is the progression in V Rising?

You start off as a weakened vampire who has awoken from their slumber. You travel through Vardoran hunting your prey and expanding your territory. As you build your castle and take down V Blood bosses, you unlock recipes and abilities that power up your vampire. The more bosses you take down, the more recipes you unlock. With these recipes, you’re able to upgrade your castle and gain more influence over Vardoran.

Do I have to play with others?

Players can choose to play solo and co-op online or offline. You also have the choice to play in a more friendly PvE environment or a dangerous PvP warzone.

How do I level up?

Instead of gaining experience, you increase your gear level in V Rising. To increase your gear level, you need to equip items with higher gear-level values. You can get higher gear-level items through crafting, or if you’re playing on a full loot PvP server, you can defeat a higher level enemy vampire to gain better gear.

What is the max level?

The current max level in V Rising is 81. The highest gear level achievable is 80, but equipping the full set gives a bonus gear level.

How long does it take to hit max level?

Our game time ranges from 30 - 40 hours and we’re not finished yet, though we’ve been playing on a PvE server. In full loot PvP servers, you might be able to take a high-level vampire’s gear and rush to max level.

When does the early access for V Rising end?

Currently, there isn’t an expected full release date for V Rising, but Stunlock Studios has stated that the full release will likely be more expensive.

Can I change my vampire’s appearance?

Yes. You can change your vampire’s appearance by interacting with a mirror in your or a clan member’s castle. The character customization mimics the character customization at the beginning of the game, so you can change everything about your appearance.

Mirrors are unlocked after the “Expanding my Domain” quest. You can find the recipe of a mirror under the “Mirror” section of the “Universal” tab of the build panel.

How do I get a hat?

Hats can be found in chests, as loot drops from enemy units, and from fishing holes. They can also be purchased from traders with some silver.

If you have the Dracula’s Relics Pack DLC, you can craft “The Immortal King’s Greathelm.”

What is the yellow ring/boot/equipment above my blood pool?

Your accessory durability is running low! Once the durability on your gear is running low, the corresponding gear will appear above your blood pool. The color depends on the remaining durability of your gear. The colors range from yellow to red with yellow being low durability and red being the most severe.

How long is the sun out?

The default day length is 8 hours in game time and 6 minutes in real life. Times may vary depending on the server you play on.

How do I build roofs?

Roofs form automatically when a room is confined with walls and floors. If you don’t have a roof, you might be missing a wall or a floor tile. Also, palisades are not considered walls, so make sure you build walls from the “castle walls” section of the build panel.

Why is my base falling apart?

Your castle is decaying! Interact with your castle heart and insert blood essence to keep your castle intact. If you’re playing on a dedicated server, place some blood essence into your castle before logging off.

Why did I wake up somewhere else?

Players can drag sleeping vampires wherever they like. Sleep in your coffin before logging off to stay safe.

Vardoran is so big. Are there other ways to travel other than running?

Yes! There are vampire abilities that allow you to shapeshift and travel at faster speeds. Also, you can get a horse that gallops at faster speeds than the abilities allow. Lastly, there are two methods of fast travel: waygates and caves. Waygates are set in the world, but more waygates can be placed at your castles. Also, you can’t travel through waygates with resources in your inventory. Caves have set entrances and exits, but you can travel through them with resources.

How come I don’t see the quest objective in my crafting tables?

Your quest objective might be on a different crafting table that you’ve haven’t unlocked/built yet. The item might be locked behind a V Blood that you haven’t defeated yet. Check your blood altar to make sure you’ve defeated the necessary V Bloods to unlock the recipe.

I’ve crafted my best gear, but my gear level is still not high enough to face the V Blood boss. How do I increase my gear level?

You might not have the recipes for the best gear available to you. Recipes for upgraded gear can drop from enemies and fishing. Certain enemies have higher drop rates for Merciless gear recipes, which are slightly upgraded versions of base gear.

If you’re playing with others in a clan and they have the recipes unlocked, you can interact with their research tables to unlock the recipe for yourself.

Are there werewolves?


Can I be a werewolf?

Unfortunately, no, but you can turn into a regular shmegular wolf that makes you run faster!

Can I turn into a bat?

Yes, you can! You must defeat the late game V Blood boss, Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer, to obtain the ability to turn into a bat.

A bat flies through foggy dark skies Image: Stunlock Studios

Can my horse teleport with me?

Horses can teleport with you through Waygates and caves. The same rules still apply to teleporting through Waygates though — no resources can go through Waygates.

Charmed servants can’t teleport with you through Waygates, but they can go through caves.

Can my charmed servant ride my horse?

No, but your charmed servant can run very fast! They’ll be able to keep up with you on horseback. Watch out for any enemies as any stray damage could kill your servant.

If you have more questions, comment below and we’ll try our best to answer them!

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