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V Rising Farbane Woods walkthrough

Questing through Farbane Woods and taking down V Bloods

A vampire runs through the woods Image: Stunlock Studios
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Becoming the supreme vampire ruler in V Rising is no easy task, but if you’re trying to quickly rise in power, it’d be nice to have a plan. Follow along with our walkthrough to help you defeat foes, construct your castle, and build up your servant army.

Collecting bones

After waking up from your slumber, you’ll be tasked with collecting 30 Bones. Gather the Bones by breaking vases and defeating skeletons. You’ll need 230 Bones to craft every Boneguard equipment and weapon needed for quests, so collect as many Bones as you can. Bones are a useful crafting ingredient, and collecting more now will help you in the long run.

Follow the quest objectives by crafting bone equipment, defeating enemies and using abilities until you get to the “Armour of Bones” quest. Here, you’re tasked with creating Boneguard equipment, which requires Animal Hide. To get Animal Hide, hunt some deer or wolves outside of the tutorial area. Collect at least 60 Animal Hide to craft the gloves and boots, and any extra will be used in later quests.

As you’re hunting, you’ll notice that you can feed on weakened enemies. Feeding will grant you a blood type depending on the enemy. You’ll always want to have a blood type equipped because of the various bonuses that blood gives you. You can also use the “Feed” ability to quickly execute an opponent. Use Feed and left click to quickly defeat your foe without taking their blood type. Hold onto Blood Essence dropped from enemies for later.

Hold onto your resources even if you think they won’t be useful to you now. All resources have a use, and they will be important down the road.

Gathering lumber and stone

After you’re decked out in Boneguard gear, create a Bone Axe to chop trees and a Bone Mace to break stone. Each resource has a specific tool that will speed up the gathering process. Use axes for trees and maces for minerals to gather at a faster rate. Don’t worry if you gather more than necessary because you’ll need a lot of wood and stone soon.

Laying down foundation

Now that you’ve got the hang of gathering, it’s time to lay the foundation of your castle, and craft a Castle Heart (240 Stone and 30 Blood Essence). We suggest building in an area toward the middle of the Farbane Woods for convenience, but if you’d like to plan ahead, we recommend placing your Castle Heart somewhere near the center of the map. This will make the beginning of your journey a little harder.

After building your Castle Heart, place 3 Borders. Borders expand your territory and dictate where you and your clan members can build/place items. Start off by placing borders surrounding your Castle Heart. Place 3 Palisades, a Wooden Coffin, and a Wooden Stash (570 Lumber and 90 Plant Fiber). (Don’t worry too much about Palisade placement, as they’ll be replaced soon.)

Construct a Sawmill (400 Lumber and 80 Stone). We recommend crafting two Sawmills to help speed up the process. Place your remaining Lumber into your Sawmills to create Plank. Keep Lumber in your Sawmills for the next couple in-game days, as you’ll need a lot of Planks to build your castle. Use eight Plank, 80 Stone, and 120 Animal Hide to create a Simple Workbench.

(If you’re required to refine materials in order to craft another item, it is a good idea to refine an excess amount of materials, as you’ll most likely need more later on.)

At your Simple Workbench, craft Plated Boneguard equipment by using your existing Boneguard equipment and 240 Animal Hide. Upgrade your weapons by making Reinforced Bone weaponry. One Reinforced Bone weapon requires the corresponding bone weapon, four Plank, and 120 Stone. We suggest starting off with the axes and mace to gather faster.

Hunting the Alpha Wolf

Craft a Blood Altar (180 Stone and 10 Blood Essence). The Blood Altar allows you to track V Bloods, special bosses that grant you abilities and recipes once defeated. The first V Blood to face is the Alpha Wolf, which can be found in the Wolf Den. Interact with the Blood Altar and track the Alpha Wolf to help guide you to the Wolf Den.

Tracking a V Blood will make a red trail appear on the screen periodically. Follow the trail and eventually you’ll see the Alpha Wolf.

On your way, look for these resources: Coarse Thread, Cloth, Whetstone, Grave Dust, Unsullied Hearts and Merciless Gear Recipes. You’ll need these to progress later on, and if you can find them as you’re out, you won’t have to search for these resources later.

Defeat the Alpha Wolf to progress the quest line and unlock the “Wolf Form” ability, which turns you into a wolf, increasing your movement speed by 45%.

We recommend that you track and hunt all V Blood bosses around your gear level as they’ll unlock abilities and recipes that’ll ease your playthrough.

Upgrading your castle heart

Craft a Research Desk (eight Plank, 120 Animal Hide, and 80 Stone). The Research Desk is where you’ll learn recipes to upgrade your gear and improve your castle. You can use 50 Paper to discover any recipe that you haven’t learned yet, but keep 40 Paper tucked away for later.

You’ll need 12 Copper Ingots and 12 Leather to upgrade your Castle Heart. To get the Copper Ingots, you’ll need to harvest Copper Ore, an orange-tinted stone. Copper Ore can be found in the Bandit Copper Mine located near the center of Farbane Woods or scattered around Vardoran.

A map showing where to find Copper Ore in V Rising Image: Stunlock Studios via Johnny Yu for Polygon

We recommend going to the mines during the night, as the outer edge is open to sunlight and there are enemies outside. Beware of Errol the Stonebreaker, a level 20 V Blood, in the center of the mine. We suggest you harvest at least 1,180 Copper Ore to build a Furnace and Grinder, upgrade your Castle Heart, craft two copper weapons, and create a Servant Coffin. If you’d like to create multiple refinement stations, collect around 100 more Copper Ore for each additional station.

Once you’re done gathering, build a Furnace (480 Stone and 60 Copper Ore). Once the Copper Ingots are done refining in the Furnace, create your weapons of choice.

These weapons will increase your gear level to 20, which is the recommended level to face Keely the Frost Archer. Track Keely in the Blood Altar or head to the location marked on the map below.

A map showing where to find the Bandit Trapper Camp with Keely the Frost Archer Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image sources: Stunlock Studios

While hunting Keely, look out for any Whetstone as it’s a necessary ingredient to build a Grinder. If you have enough Whetstone, build and place a Grinder before hunting Keely. Place Stone inside the Grinder to produce Stone Brick, which you’ll need later.

After defeating Keely, head home and build a Tannery (eight Planks and 160 Animal Hides) and use it to craft Leather. You’ll need 192 Animal Hides to create the 12 Leather needed to upgrade your Castle Heart. Upgrade your Castle Heart when that’s finished.

Upgrade your armor with any remaining Leather. Create a Traveller’s Wrap (4 Cloth and 4 Leather), and a full set of Nightstalker armor (24 Leather and 16 Coarse Thread). If you don’t have enough Cloth or Coarse Thread, you can find lots at small bandit camps all over the woods.

Building your castle

Hopefully, you’ll have enough Whetstones to build a Grinder if you haven’t already. If not, grab some at any of the circled locations marked on the map below. Search chests and break crates and barrels to find Whetstones.

A map showing where to get Whetstone at a bandit camp in V Rising Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image sources: Stunlock Studios

After finding at least 4 Whetstone, create your Grinder back at your base and start producing Stone Brick. Once you have enough Stone Brick to produce walls, begin creating your castle.

Note: you may have to move your Wooden Coffin outside of your castle because it can’t be placed on castle floors. After you’ve created a confined room (walls and floors), a roof should automatically form.

Since you probably don’t want to sleep outside, build a Stone Coffin (20 Stone Bricks and 6 Grave Dust). If you don’t have enough Grave Dust, you can craft it at a Grinder using 100 Bones or you can find it at the marked locations on the map below.

A map showing where to find Bone and Grave Dust in V Rising Image: Stunlock Studios via Johnny Yu for Polygon

Expanding your influence with servants

To build a Servant Coffin, you need 16 Planks, eight Copper ingots, and one Greater Blood Essence. Greater Blood Essence can be crafted at a Blood Press by using four Unsullied Hearts. Unsullied Hearts can be found as a random drop from any living enemy (not skeletons). Once you’ve crafted the Greater Blood Essence, create your Servant Coffin and begin the hunt for servants.

To convert a human into a servant, you’ll have to use your vampire ability, Dominating Presence, when they’re low on health. The higher blood quality the servant has, the better servant they’ll be. After successfully charming a human, bring them back to your castle while protecting them from harm. Interact with your Servant Coffin and convert your servant for 100 Blood Essence. The conversion process takes around an hour and a half.

To command your servants, you’ll need to craft a Castle Throne (24 Stone bricks, 16 Iron Ingots, and four Greater Blood Essence).

Unlocking Iron

To unlock Iron Ingots, you’ll need to defeat Quincy the Bandit King, a level 37 V Blood. We’ll have to upgrade our gear and defeat a level 30 V Blood, Clive the Firestarter, before taking down Quincy

First, upgrade your gear to its Merciless variant. Hopefully by this time, you’ve found a few merciless gear recipes. If not, you’ll have to search for recipes by defeating enemies, searching chests, and destroying breakable items in camps. (You can also use 50 Paper to unlock a random recipe that you don’t own at your Research Table.)

To craft a full set of Merciless armor, you need 12 Leather, 12 Coarse Thread, and 24 Copper Ingots. To craft one Merciless Copper weapon, you need the corresponding Copper weapon, two crude gems, 6 Whetstones, and three Leather. Crude gems can be found from stones and gem veins which look like stones with protruding jewels. The crude gems for each weapon are as follows:

  • Merciless Copper Sword: Crude Sapphire
  • Merciless Copper Axe: Crude Ruby
  • Merciless Copper Mace: Crude Topaz
  • Merciless Copper Spear: Crude Emerald
  • Merciless Hunter’s Crossbow: Gem Dust (must defeat Rufus the Foreman, level 20 V Blood, to unlock)

Craft a magic accessory (one Greater Blood Essence, three Crude Gems, and six Grave Dust) to round out your equipment. The crude gems for each magic accessory are as follows:

  • The Ember Chain: Crude Emerald
  • The Frozen Eye: Crude Sapphire
  • Duskwatcher’s Ring: Crude Topaz
  • Mist Signet: Crude Miststone

Once you’ve upgraded your gear, track Clive the Firestarter or head to the circled location on the map below.

A map showing where to find Clive the Firestarter in V Rising Image: Stunlock Studios via Johnny Yu for Polygon

After you’ve defeated Clive the Firestarter, harvest at least 360 Sulphur Ore from the mine. Return back to your castle and smelt it in your Furnace.

Next, craft an Alchemy Table (100 Blood Essence, 16 Planks, and 12 Sulphur). At the Alchemy Table, create a Minor Explosive Box (six Sulphur, six Planks, and three Whetstone). This will be used to blow up the gate of the Bandit Stronghold, Quincy’s base.

Track Quincy the Bandit King at your Blood Altar, beat the guards at the entrance of the Bandit Stronghold, and place the Minor Explosive Box at the gate. Attack the explosive to set off the charge. We recommend fighting Quincy at night because his arena is open to the sunlight.

If you’re wondering what is next, you can face off against the other V Bloods or set off to find Iron Ore in Dunley Farmlands.

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