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Valheim cheats guide: The best console commands and cheat codes list

Also how to access creative mode

A character in Valheim freely flies around Image: Iron Gate Studio/Coffee Stain Publishing via Polygon

Valheim cheats and console commands are shortcuts to the resources that you need. Opening up a debug menu in PC games allows players to access developer tools, summon resources, and manipulate the game for fun.

In this Valheim cheat codes and console commands guide, we’ll show you how to enable cheats and list some of the most common and best console commands.

Table of contents

Enable Valheim cheats and console commands

Before enabling console commands and using cheat codes, know that doing so comes with risks. You may negatively affect your save by using anything in this guide. If you plan on using the console commands to enable cheats, save first. You can also create a separate file purely for experimentation so you don’t ruin your regular game save.

We recommend only using console commands in single-player or with friends. It’s unclear if using these cheats in any game mode will negatively you or get you banned from the game. Use at your own risk.

To enable cheats, press F5 on your keyboard. This will bring up the console.

You can now type commands. Before you can use any cheat codes, you must first enter the following command: imacheater. After typing that text and pressing enter, a message will pop up saying, “Cheats:True” in the console. You can now use cheat codes.

You can use cheats when you set up a server in Valheim in single player mode. Cheats will not work in multiplayer servers.

Common Valheim cheat codes

Valheim’s console commands give you access to dozens of features that manipulate the game. There are far too many to list, but the game’s official Steam community has compiled an exhaustive list of what’s possible.

If you’re interested in experimenting with console commands in a (relatively) safe environment that won’t ruin anyone else’s experience, here are a list of cheat codes to try. To use them, type the commands in bold below once you have cheats enabled.

  • exploremap — Clears the fog of war, revealing the entire map. Each player’s map is procedurally generated and different from everyone else’s. Use this if you want to freely explore and aren’t concerned about spoiling what other biomes might exist on your map.
  • freefly — Lets you freely control the camera and fly around. You won’t be able to clear the fog of war while flying around, but you can explore much of the map this way. You may experience some odd graphical glitches as this mode lets you put the camera where it doesn’t belong.
  • god — While you might think that this would invoke the classic “god mode,” it isn’t quite that. Some attacks from enemies won’t harm you, but your stamina will still deplete, so don’t expect to be all-powerful.
  • heal This command lets you gain a small amount of health. Unlike eating food, which places some restrictions on how much you can be healed at any given time, this code will instantly grant you a portion of health.
  • killall — This will kill all the monsters around you. Use then when you’re surrounded by a mob of enemies and you don’t feel like dying and returning to a spawn point.
  • removedrops — Use this command when you want to destroy items in Valheim.
  • tame — If you don’t feel like going through the process of taming boar, lox, or wolves, you can use this command to tame them instantly.
  • tod .5 The “tod” command stands for “time of day.” The scale for this command is between 0-1. Adding the value “.5” sets the time of day to midday. This is great to use if you don’t feel like exploring in the dark and you want to instantly set the sun in the sky.

How to spawn Valheim items and enemies

A character in Valheim sits near a massive pile of wood
You can become the Wood King of Valheim instantly!
Image: Iron Gate Studio/Coffee Stain Publishing via Polygon

You’ll spend hours in Valheim hunting and gathering resources for crafting. If you feel like saving some time, you can spawn a massive amount of just about any resource with a few keystrokes.

Granted, this isn’t how the game is meant to be played. There’s no telling how Valheim will react if you command it to summon dozens of items where they don’t belong. Of all the console commands, use this with caution.

To spawn items, you’ll need to use the appropriate syntax. You must enter your cheat code in the right way or the command won’t work at all. Here’s how you enter the code properly:

spawn [ItemName] [Numerical Amount]

For instance, if you want to spawn 50 pieces of wood, you’ll have to type the following into the console: spawn Wood 50. Doing so will spawn 50 pieces of wood directly next to you.

Keep in mind that you can only hold 50 of any resource before it splits into another stack. By default, you can only hold about 300 items. To hold more, you’ll have to increase your inventory space.

When entering the name of an item to spawn, you must enter its correct, case-sensitive name. Here’s a list of common items you might want to spawn early in the game as you gear up for your boss battle against Eikthyr:

  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Flint
  • LeatherScraps
  • RawMeat

To spawn enemies, you’ll follow a similar syntax. The only difference here is that you can choose to spawn the level of the enemies you summon.

spawn [EnemyName] [Numerical Amount] [Level]

As an example, you can summon a dozen level two greydrawf enemies by entering in spawn GreyDwarf 12 2.

While we haven’t tested spawning every possible item in the game (there are hundreds), we found that many items on this list on Valheim’s Steam community page are accurate.

Debug / creative mode

A player in Valheim floats in the sky
You can build what you want or run in the sky
Image: Iron Gate Studio/Coffee Stain Publishing via Polygon

While not technically a “creative mode,” Valheim’s debug mode gives you the flexibility to experiment with the game’s building mechanics.

To enable creative mode, type debugmode into the console. In debug mode, you have several options to express yourself by pressing the following keys:

  • B / No placement cost — By pressing the B key with debug mode enabled, you can build freely with your hammer. Use this feature if you feel like designing homes without needing to have your pockets filled with hundreds of pieces of wood. You can also craft items from your inventory without a cost.
  • Z / Fly mode — Similar to the freefly command, pressing Z in debug mode allows you to fly around. Or rather, this command allows you to “run” in midair anywhere you like.
  • K / Kill all command — Similar to the killall console command. Use this if you’re having fun building and you suddenly become surrounded by enemies.

How to ban someone in Valheim

If you set up a multiplayer server in Valheim, you may need to ban a player who is ruining the experience for anyone. Here are the console commands you can use to manage your bans:

  • ban [name] — Use this to ban a player
  • unban [name] — Use this to reverse a ban on a player
  • banned — See a list of all banned players on the server you’re on.
  • kick — Remove a player from your server without banning them.

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