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Valheim guide: How to upgrade your workbench

All the workbench improvements up to level five

A viking stands at a workbench in Valheim Image: Iron Gate Studio/Coffee Stain Publishing via Polygon

The workbench in Valheim is where you’ll craft new gear. It’s also where you repair weapons, armor, and tools. However, the lowly workbench can only do so much on its own. To get the most of the your crafting station, you’ll need to upgrade it.

In this Valheim guide, we’ll show you how to upgrade your workbench. We’ll share each requirement and the items you’ll need to make improvements to your crafting station and we’ll explain the important details involved with leveling up your workbench.

How to build a workbench

Valheim workbench requires a roof
Doesn’t need to be more complicated than this
Image: Iron Gate Studio/Coffee Stain Publishing via Polygon

Level 1: Building the workbench

Building the workbench isn’t complicated. A you need is 10 pieces of wood. However, for a workbench to be functional, it needs a roof.

You don’t have to build an entire shed to house your workbench. In fact, you can just build a lean-to, which is a simple structure with a wall made out of three wall units with a roof attached on top. Once you have a roof over your workbench, it’ll become functional.

How to level up your workbench

To upgrade your workbench, you need to build additional structures next to it.

Each of the following must be built near the workbench. To find your workbench upgrades, open the crafting menu and navigate to the Crafting tab. Each new item that upgrades your workbench will be labeled as a workbench improvement.

If you build one of these items too far away from the workbench, they will be highlighted in red. Keep moving closer to your workbench until you can craft the item. The only exception here is the final upgrade, the tool shelf, which must be built against a wall near the workbench.

Here are the other items you need to build to upgrade your workbench.

Level 2: Craft a chopping block

  • 2 wood
  • 2 flint

The chopping block is a simple stump that can be placed anywhere near the workbench. If you’re curious about flint locations in Valheim, look near water.

Level 3: Craft a tanning rack

  • 10 wood
  • 15 flint
  • 20 leather scraps
  • 5 deer hide

The tanning rack is a long wooden rack that can be placed anywhere near the workbench. You’ll need leather scraps and deer hides to build it. If you follow our how to defeat Eikthyr guide from the very beginning of the game, there are plenty of tips on how to get those resources.

Level 4: Craft an adze

  • 10 fine wood
  • 3 bronze
  • Must have a nearby forge

To craft the adze to upgrade your workbench to level four, you must already have a forge. Learn how to craft a forge on your way to defeating The Elder. Once you have a forge and the necessary materials, you will learn the crafting recipe for the adze.

Level 5: Craft a tool shelf

  • 4 iron
  • 10 fine wood
  • 4 obsidian
  • Must have a nearby forge

After you’ve gained iron and obsidian, you’ll learn the crafting recipe for the tool shelf. When building the this final workbench improvement, it must be placed along the wall inside the area with your workbench.