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Valheim guide: Where to find Haldor the Merchant

What can you get in Valheim’s item shop?

Haldor the Merchant in Valheim Image: Iron Gate Studio/Coffee Stain Publishing via Polygon

You have to make just about everything yourself in Valheim. From upgrading up your workbench to finding iron in dark crypts. However, there is one place you can actually purchase items in the game. If you find Haldor the merchant, you can buy a few rare items from his limited inventory.

In this Valheim merchant guide, we’ll show you how to find Haldor, explain the process for locating his shop, and explore what the items in his shop actually do.

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How to find Haldor in Valheim

Haldor’s location will be different for every player because the every world in Valheim is procedurally generated.

From our research, we’ve discovered that Haldor always spawns somewhere in the black forest biome. The world of Valheim is huge, though, and Haldor can be in any of the black forests in your game. Some players have found him near the starting point of their game while others have discovered the merchant literally at the edge of Valheim’s world.

Haldor’s map location in Valheim
Haldor’s location is noted by a giant bag icon
Image: Iron Gate Studio/Coffee Stain Publishing via Polygon

It may take you several hours to find Haldor. Thankfully, there is one aspect of the game that helps you locate him. If you happen to come near to Haldor’s location, a bag icon will appear on your map. Once the bag appears on your map, it will stay there.

Tips for finding the merchant

Haldor’s location in Valheim Image: Iron Gate Studio/Coffee Stain Publishing via Polygon

When roaming the black forest looking for Haldor, there are a few things out for that will help you locate him:

  • The most noticeable aspect of Haldor’s location is the clear bubble that surrounds his shop. At a distance, it distorts light around it, giving the surrounding area a ripple effect. This barrier is created by several runes that surround his shop.
  • A large, hairy creature named Halstein hangs out at Haldor’s shop. You can find hostile versions of this creature, known as lox, in the plains biome.
  • Haldor’s shop also has a tiny green lamp that emits a soft glow. It’s sometimes easier to see at night. There’s also a campfire at Haldor’s shop, but in our experience, it’s never lit. If you have wood, you can light it though.

Make a portal before finding Haldor

A portal in Valheim
Make a portal at your base before finding Haldor
Image: Iron Gate Studio/Coffee Stain Publishing via Polygon

Since there’s no way of knowing how far Haldor might be from your camp, it’s a good idea to set up a portal at your base first. (If you don’t know how to teleport across the map, check out our guide on how to make Valheim portals.) Once your portal is set up, you can travel back and forth to the merchant no matter where you find them on the map.

That way, once you find Haldor, you can create the other end of the portal, travel back to your base, and pick up any materials you might want to sell him.

What does Haldor sell?

The item shop and Haldor the Merchant in Valheim
You’re going to need a lot of coin
Image: Iron Gate Studio/Coffee Stain Publishing via Polygon

Finding Haldor is its own journey. Thankfully, the items in his shop are worth the trip. Here’s what Haldor sells.

  • Yule hat (100 coins) “A red cap in the style of house gnomes.” A fun hat, nothing more.
  • Dverger circlet (620 coins) “A portable perpetual lightsource for the dungeon explorer.” This is basically a headlamp like you’d get at a hardware store. It’s the perfect item for diving into burial chambers and sunken crypts.
  • Megingjord (950 coins) “Gives the wearer superhuman strength.” This item increases your carrying weight capacity by 150 points. Just equip it like any other gear, and your item capacity instantly increases.
  • Ymir flesh (120 coins) “The earthly remains of the giant Ymir.” You can use this odd crafting item to create two powerful hammers, Frostner and the Iron Sledge.
  • Fishing rod (350 coins) “Standard issue dvergr fishing rod.” Allows you to go fishing.
  • Fishing bait (50 pieces, 10 coins) “Common dvergr fishing bait. Fishing rod sold separately.” Use this with the fishing rod to catch fish for food.

Where to get coins in Valheim

The items in Haldor’s shop are pretty expensive. They also require coins, which are a rare currency in Valheim. Based on our experience, there are two ways to get coins in Valheim:

  • Coins are in dungeons like burial chambers and sunken crypts. You may also find them in chests in abandoned buildings across the world.
  • You can also get coins by selling certain items to Haldor, including amber (5 coins), amber pearls (10 coins), rubies (20 coins), and silver necklaces (30 coins). You can find these in burial chambers and sunken crypts, too.

What do you use Ymir flesh for?

All of the items in Haldor’s shop are pretty straightforward except Ymir flesh. It’s a crafting item but at first glance, it’s not clear what it allows you to craft. With enough of it, you can craft two powerful weapons: Iron Sledge and Frostner. Here are the crafting details for each.

Iron Sledge

“A might hammer, worthy of a champion.”

  • A level 2 forge
  • 10 Ancient Bark
  • 30 Iron
  • 4 Ymir flesh
  • 1 Draugr elite trophy

The Iron Sledge might remind you of another hammer from Norse mythology: Mjolnir. This powerful two-handed hammer delivers a powerful area of effect attack when you strike.


“The dead fear silver. Remind them why.”

Frostner is a powerful and light one-handed hammer. It has a secondary attack where your Viking will take a big windup and then deliver a sweeping upward blow.

  • A level 3 forge
  • 10 Ancient Bark
  • 30 Silver
  • 5 Ymir flesh
  • 5 Freeze glands

How to find Haldor easily

If you want an easy way to find Haldor, you can create a new world in the Valheim main menu specifically for Haldor. This would technically be a new game, but your character will still retain their items if they load into this world.

To create a world that is specifically generated where Haldor is close to your spawn point, you’ll need to create a new game with the following seed: HHcLC5acQt.

A screenshot of the map in Valheim
Haldor is really close in this seed
Image: Iron Gate Studio/Coffee Stain Publishing via Polygon

This seed was shared on the Valheim subreddit. Not only does it have Haldor close to the starting location, but many of the bosses are also nearby. In case you want to use this world and seed to experiment with friends, check out our guide on how to invite friends to Valheim servers.

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