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Valheim boss fight guide: Yagluth tips

Make sure you have the perfect gear before challenging Valheim’s final boss

A Valheim player faces off against Yagluth, the game’s final boss Image: Iron Gate Studio/Coffee Stain Publishing via Polygon
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Yagluth is Valheim’s final boss (at least for now), and he’s the king of the Fulings that roam the plains biomes. There’s no way to progress beyond Yagluth currently, so taking him down is mostly about bragging rights and knowing that you’ve finished all the challenges Valheim has to offer.

In this Valheim Yagluth guide, we’ll lead you to the game’s best gear before taking him on with the best armor, weapons, and food.

Preparing for Yagluth

Preparation is what matters most for the Yagluth boss fight. He doesn’t drop an important item, so there’s no reason to rush to him. In this section, we’ll get ready for fighting Yagluth by finding the best weapons, armor, food, and mead.

Best Yagluth weapons

A blackmetal sword is your main weapon against Yagluth, along with a blackmetal shield to block some of his damage. You can also bring a fully upgraded draugr fang bow with you along with some needle arrows, but they won’t do much damage, so you should only use them if you need to heal.

A player with a Blackmetal sword in Valheim Image: Iron Gate Studio/Coffee Stain Publishing via Polygon

Best Yagluth armor

You need padded armor for this fight which takes iron to craft rather than Black metal, the metal you get from the plains. The good news is, a fully upgraded set of padded armor is slightly less expensive than previous armor tiers. One piece of armor you don’t need to upgrade is your wolf fur cape, which is fine to keep if you want.

Best Yagluth food

At this point in the game you should have gotten some pretty impressive barley production going, which means you’ll have access to all the best food in the game. For the fight, eat and bring along blood pudding, fish wraps, and lox meat pies, which gives you a ridiculous amount of health and stamina.

Best Yagluth mead

Fire resistance barley wine is a must for Yagluth, since he frequently summons flames around himself during the fight. With the extra resistance you should be able to take quite a bit of damage without needing to run from the fight. Bring as many medium healing meads and stamina meads as you can in case you need one in a pinch.

Another useful tool here can be the tasty mead, which reduces your HP regeneration in exchange for much faster stamina regeneration. This is obviously dangerous, but the extra stamina regen can be helpful in dealing more damage to Yagluth, or to let you run from some of his attacks. Using this mead is purely personal preference, however.

Yagluth summon

To summon Yagluth you’ll first need to find his summoning altar somewhere in the plains, or a rune that points the way. Next, collect five fuling totems from Fuling villages and Fuling Berserkers to sacrifice at the altar to complete the summoning process. Fuling Totems can be teleported, so it should be easy to collect and transport them.

Yagluth in his summoning altar in Valheim Image: Iron Gate Studio/Coffee Stain Publishing via Polygon

As with the game’s other bosses, you should make sure there are no enemies in the immediate area before you summon Yagluth, but because he has to be spawned in the plains, other enemies may always join the fight if you get unlucky.

Yagluth boss tips

Yagluth attacks

  1. Yagluth’s fist glows blue, and he raises it into the air before slamming it down and dealing damage in a small area around him. This ability is really slow and easy to dodge.
  2. Yagluth’s fist glows red and he summons a rain of meteors that target players. These aren’t too hard to dodge as long as you start running as soon as he summons them and don’t stop until the rain is over.
  3. Yagluth rears his head back and shoots fire in a straight line and slowly rotates. This can technically be blocked by a shield for a short time, but you’re much better off running to the side of it. Don’t try to run away as the range is extremely long. You can use the pillars of his summoning platform to block the fire, but the beam of fire destroys other terrain like rocks as soon as it hits them.
Several players fight Yagluth in Valheim Image: Iron Gate Studio/Coffee Stain Publishing via Polygon

Attacking Yagluth’s weaknesses

You’ll mostly need to fight Yagluth up close. Use your shield and sword and focus on getting three hit combos. He has plenty of health, but the fight shouldn’t be as long as others in the game.

With fully upgraded armor and fire resistance barley wine active during the fight, there isn’t too much about Yagluth that should scare you. You can probably comfortably tank his blue-fist attack, and keep hitting him in the process, but you should avoid his fire beam and meteors as they’ll do a little more damage and put you at risk. If your health ever dips too low, just run away and let it regenerate while dodging attacks and firing an occasional arrow Yagluth’s way to make sure he doesn’t regen his own health.

One extra complication that can be added to the fight are additional enemies. Because enemies in the plains tend to wander around, sometimes extra Fuling and Deathsquitos can join the fight. Make sure to deal with these as soon as you see them, but always know which attack Yagluth is using so you know how to dodge, even if you’re distracted.

Yagluth rewards

Yagluth drops a Yagluth trophy and a power that gives you extra resistance to elemental damage. On top of that you get three “Yagluth thing” items. These are placeholders and as of the game’s current patch (0.146.11) have no use at all.