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Valheim potions guide: The best meads and wines

A barrel of fun

A Viking stands near three fermenters Image: Iron Gate Studio/Coffee Stain Publishing via Polygon

Armor and weapons aren’t the only tools you need to survive in Valheim. Sometimes defeating powerful bosses like Bonemass and Moder requires something stronger than gear — a good drink. Use these drinkable items with the best food combos in the game to buff your character.

In this Valheim guide, we’ll how to create potions, meads, and wine. The process for creating potions requires a few steps, and this guide will walk you through everything from crafting cauldron and fermenter to listing every potion in the game and their ingredients.

Valheim potions: meads and wines

Creating a potion in Valheim takes two steps: creating a base in a cauldron, and placing the base in a fermenter.

The chart below shows all of the current potions in the game. The materials are the requirements to create each item’s base. With the base created in a cauldron using the ingredients listed, you then take your base to a fermenter to complete the process.

Creating a potion in the fermenter usually takes a few in-game days. Consider fermenting as part of your prep time to face off against of Valheim’s bosses.

Here are all of the potions, meads, and wines in Valheim.

Valheim potions and meads

Item Effect Materials
Item Effect Materials
Fire resistance barley wine Fire resistance (10 minutes) 10 barley, 10 cloudberries
Frost resistance mead Frost resistance (10 minutes) 2 bloodbag, 1 Greydwarf eye, 10 honey, 5 thistle
Poison resistance mead Poison resistance (10 minutes) 10 coal, 10 honey, 1 neck tail, 5 thistle
Minor healing mead Restores 50 health 5 blueberries, 1 dandelion, 10 honey, 10 raspberries
Medium healing mead Restores 75 health 4 bloodbag, 1 dandelion, 10 honey, 10 raspberries
Minor stamina mead Restores 80 stamina 10 honey, 10 raspberries, 10 yellow mushrooms
Medium stamina mead Restores 150 stamina 10 cloudberries, 10 honey, 10 yellow mushrooms
Tasty mead Health regeneration reduced: 50% and stamina regeneration increased 300% 5 blueberries, 10 honey, 10 raspberries

Building a cauldron and fermenter

To make potions in Valheim, first create a cauldron and fermenter.

  • To craft a cauldron, all you need is 10 tin and a forge. Just make sure you place the cauldron above a roaring campfire or it won’t work.
  • To craft a fermenter, you’ll need 10 fine wood, 5 bronze, 10 resin, and a forge. However, fermenters are shy and need to be protected or they won’t work. If you build a fermenter out in the open and place something like the minor healing mead base in the fermenter, you’ll get a message saying your fermenter is “too exposed,” and it won’t ferment.
A Viking fermenting in Valheim
A lean-to is just fine
Image: Iron Gate Studio/Coffee Stain Publishing via Polygon

To get rid of the “fermenter too exposed” message, create a structure around your fermenter. A simple lean-to made out of a 3x2 wall and a roof will do the trick.

Once your fermenter gets to work, it takes about two in-game days for it to finish. Afterward, you can tap your barrell and grab your potion.

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