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Valheim guide: How to use the wishbone

Time to hunt for silver

A Viking stands on a mountaintop in Valheim Image: Iron Gate Studio/Coffee Stain Publishing via Polygon

After you beat Bonemass, Valheim’s most notorious boss, you receive a weird item. The gelatinous behemoth is hiding a wishbone inside its oozing body. It’s a weird item to receive, and there’s no immediate explanation for what it actually does. Turns out, the wishbone helps you find one of the game’s most valuable resources.

In this Valheim guide, we’ll explain how to use the wishbone. We’ll give you a detailed steps on how the mysterious helps you find silver in the mountain biome.

How to use the wishbone in Valheim

The wishbone in Valheim offers a cryptic description for what it does. When you highlight the item in your inventory, you get a message stating that “This ancient bone remembers the location of many forgotten things.” That alone doesn’t tell you what the wishbone does.

Equipping it will plaster a message on screen informing you that you can now “sense hidden things.” If the helpful raven Hugin is around, it will tell you the wishbone’s true purpose: It helps you find silver.

To find silver, head to the mountain biome. If this is your first time taking a trip to the snowy zone, brew a frost resistance mead to counteract this region’s freezing effect.

Once on the mountains, equip your wishbone and sip on your frosty brew. As you scout around the icy biome, the power of the wishbone will activate if a silver vein is close by. You’ll know the wishbone is working when you see green glowing lines shooting off of your body. You’ll also hear a rhythmic ping that gets higher in pitch the closer you get to silver.

A silver vein in Valheim Image: Iron Gate Studio/Coffee Stain Publishing via Polygon

When the green lights and pinging are going off like an alarm, equip your pickaxe and start digging. If you’ve hit a silver vein, a prompt will let you know. Continue picking away until you’ve cleared the vein. You may want to mark your map if you need to return to this location, especially since you can’t teleport metals through portals.

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