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Valheim guides and walkthroughs

Survive and thrive in the Viking afterlife

Valheim drops players into a Viking afterlife where survival requires progression, resources, weapons like pickaxes, optional cheats, fighting bosses, eating, and crafting. Polygon’s Valheim guides will help you figure out what do and where to go next, how everything works, where to find the items you need, and how to beat each boss.

Getting started with Valheim

The thing about Valheim is that it doesn’t tell you much, and you’re bound to be confused. We’ve got guides to help you along every step of your journey through the afterlife.

For new players — or even seasoned players, really — we’ve got tips to get you started. We also have guides that answer your early questions like how to use your map, how multiplayer works, how to heal, and how to destroy items (we stand by the Viking funeral option).

Valheim walkthroughs

Valheim is pretty good about telling you what to do next. It’s not great at telling you how or even where to do things. Progression in Valheim basically goes like this: head to a new biome, gather new resources, craft new stuff, fight that biome’s boss, lather, rinse, and repeat. We have guides for all five steps currently in the early access version of the game, starting with a guide from the spawn point to the first boss.

Valheim boss fight tips

If you’ve got the resource gathering and crafting under control, we’ve got boss guides for everyone: Eikthyr, The Elder, Bonemass, Moder, and Yagluth.


Not everything in Valheim is exactly intuitive. We’ve got you covered with explainers and how-to guides for the basics like cooking and repairing your gear. As things get more complicated, we’ve got guides for how to sail and how to farm your own vegetables.

Where to find resources

Sometimes in Valheim, you’re just looking for one thing like a certain location, crafting ingredient or metal. Our guides will point you to resources like surtling cores, biomes like swamps, and metals like iron (also in the swamps).

Console commands and cheats

For when it all gets to be too much (or when you just want to flex your creative muscles), we’ve got a guide for how to turn on cheats and enable console commands.