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Valheim guide: How to tame lox

They can’t be bred yet

A Viking stands over a lox in Valheim Image: Iron Gate Studio/Coffee Stain Publishing via Polygon

In this Valheim guide, we’ll show you how to tame lox. These massive creatures are hard to handle, but they can become your friends. While you cannot currently breed them, this guide will still help you take the steps to turn them into your allies.

How to tame lox in Valheim

Taming lox in Valheim can be difficult without a good plan. With some preparation and patience, you can get the creatures into captivity. To begin taming lox, you’ll need:

  • A stonecutter in the plains biome
  • A pen to house your lox
  • Some food like cloudberries, barley, or flax
  • Time

If you’ve learned how to farm or you’re prepping for the Yagluth boss fight, you might already have a base setup somewhere on the plains biome. Unlike taming boars, lox need stone walls to keep them enclosed. To build stone walls, you’ll need to craft a stonecutter (which also requires a nearby workbench).

Once you’ve set up a place for your lox pen, create a stonecutter and use your pickaxe to gather stone.

Creating a lox pen

Lox are large and powerful, so only stone walls will do.

After you’ve collected plenty of stone from the ground or rocks nearby, create a stonecutter (10 wood, 2 iron, 4 stone, and a workbench). Craft a pen out of stone walls with a single gap open. You’ll lure a lox through that gap.

Trapping a lox

A lox chasing a Viking in Valheim
Here it comes!

With the pen complete, locate a nearby lox. Once it sees you, a red exclamation point appears above its head. Let it chase you toward the pen. In the event they stop following you, lure them with cloudberries or attack from a distance with a bow.

Once you’ve lured a lox into the pen, quickly run around it and build the rest of your pen to enclose it in. The creature will begin attacking the enclosure. Give it some space so it calms down before you attempt to tame it.

Taming a lox

Taming a lox requires a bit of time and plenty of food.

Since the stone walls you built are quite high, craft some stairs to scale them. From atop the stairs, throw in food like cloudberries, barley, and flax to calm the creature down.

A Viking stands on stairs above a lox in Valheim
Build some stairs to feed your lox
Image: Iron Gate Studio/Coffee Stain Publishing via Polygon

If you place your cursor over the lox, you can see a percentage representing how close it is to being tamed. Continue feeding it and giving it space if it gets aggressive. You can tell the lox is becoming tamer when yellow hearts appear above its head.

Within a few in-game days, the lox will become tame.

Once the lox is fully tame, you can enter the pen and pet it. When you do, purple hearts will appear above its head. As of the March 2 patch, lox can’t do much else once tame. They cannot breed, nor can they become your companions in battle.

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