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Valheim guide: Raiding fuling villages

Tips for raiding the goblin villages in the plains biome

Valheim fuling totem Image: Iron Gate Studio/Coffee Stain Publishing via Polygon
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Most of the resources in Valheim’s plains biome come from fulings and fuling villages.

In this Valheim guide, we’ll give you some tips about finding and raiding fuling villages. More importantly, we’ll tell you about the resources you’ll find there — black metal scrap, flax, and barley — and how to use them.

Finding and raiding fuling villages

The plains biome’s goblin-like fulings are your source for black metal scrap, as well as this biome’s crops, flax and barley. Dead fulings always drop at least one black metal scrap. Their fields and chests have the flax and barley you’re after.

You’ll meet three kinds of fulings in these villages: regular fulings, magic-using fuling shamans, and club-wielding fuling berserkers.

Valheim fuling village
A small fuling village.
Image: Iron Gate Studio/Coffee Stain Publishing via Polygon

Head into the plains biome, and start looking for structures. Fuling villages are built of wood and leather. They’re easy enough to spot, and fulings attack when you get close — that’s a pretty big clue that you’re near a village.

Here are some tips for raiding fuling villages and fighting fulings:

  • These tend to be tough fights with multiple enemies, so make sure you eat something hearty beforehand.
  • Before you engage with the fulings, clear out any deathsquitos in the surrounding area.
  • Try not to fight near any lox — you really don’t need them joining the fight.
  • Kite one or two of the regular furlings away from the camp at a time. When they gang up on you, it’s hard to get the advantage back.
  • Ooze bombs (5 leather scraps, 10 ooze, 3 resin) poison all enemies in a small radius, so they’re good for dealing a little group damage.
  • Whenever you spot a fuling shaman, take them out first — they have a shield spell for all of their allies, and they have a devastating fireball attack.
  • Save the fuling berserkers for last.
  • If you die, go collect your things, but don’t rush back in. Start the next raid from scratch — the fulings will reset, so start by luring out only a couple at a time.

After you’ve cleared out a village full of fulings, it’s time to steal their resources. Peppered around their villages, you’ll find a number of chests. These might contain even more black metal scrap as well as arrows, food, coins, or any number of other goodies.

Check the cropland near (or in) villages for flax and barley. Flax and barley are only found in fuling fields near villages or inside the village’s chests.

Remember to mark villages on your map as you find them, and to cross them off as you clear them out.

Build a blast furnace to process black metal scrap

You can’t process black metal scrap in a normal smelter, so we need to build a new crafting structure: a blast furnace (20 stone, 5 surtling cores, 10 iron, 20 fine wood). You must build this close to your artisan table and on solid ground (or a stone base).

Blast furnaces work like smelters, requiring coal and time to turn black metal scrap into black metal. You load both the coal and black metal scrap on the left side (the side opposite the steampunk gears and bellows), and the finished metal drops out of the spout.

Frustratingly you can’t process, tin, copper, bronze, and iron in a blast furnace — you’ll still need a regular smelter for those.

Craft black metal weapons and tools

With processed black metal, you’ll unlock the final tier of weapons now. Like the iron weapons in the swamp biome, don’t waste the time and resources to build them all. They’ve got similar stats, so pick one you like and are comfortable with:

  • Black metal shield (10 fine wood, 8 black metal, 5 chain) — remember that chain comes from chests inside sunken crypts in the swamp biome
  • Black metal tower shield (15 fine wood, 10 black metal, 7 chain)
  • Blackmetal atgeir (10 fine wood, 30 black metal, 5 linen thread)
  • Blackmetal axe (6 fine wood, 20 black metal, 5 linen thread)
  • Blackmetal knife (4 fine wood, 10 black metal, 5 linen thread)
  • Blackmetal sword (2 fine wood, 20 black metal, 5 linen thread)

Build a spinning wheel to process flax

With the artisan table and some flax, it’s time to build a spinning wheel (20 fine wood, 10 iron nails, 5 leather scraps).

Spinning wheels turn 1 flax into 1 linen thread. They work like a charcoal kiln — put in the flax, wait a bit, and then collect the linen thread from the floor. You don’t need any fuel, but it does have to be placed near your artisan table.

You’ll use a ton of linen thread making new weapons and armor, so keep growing your farm.

Build a windmill to process barley

You can’t eat barley raw, so you’ll have to process it at a windmill (20 stone, 30 wood, 30 iron nails) to turn it into barley flour.

Valheim barley windmill plains biome
Windmills turn to catch the wind, so orientation doesn’t matter.
Image: Iron Gate Studio/Coffee Stain Publishing via Polygon

Like a blast furnace, the windmill must be close to an artisan table and built on the ground (or a stone base). When you build it, make sure you have access to the front and back — barley goes in the back and barley flour comes out the front. The orientation doesn’t matter since the windmill spins to catch the wind.

Windmills only work when there’s wind, and the strength of the wind determines the speed at which they work.

With barley flour, cloudberries, and lox meat, you can make the very best foods (currently) in Valheim.

The best new food for stamina is bread (10 barley flour).

The best food for health is blood pudding (2 thistle, 2 bloodbags, 4 barley flour) — remember that bloodbags drop from leeches in the swamp biome.

The best all-around food (with a big boost to both health and stamina) is lox meat pie (4 barley flour, 2 cloudberries, 2 cooked lox meat).

If you’ve found Haldor the merchant and purchased the fishing rod, you can make one more new recipe. The fish wraps (2 cooked fish, 4 barley flour) is even better for your stamina than bread.

Craft armor from linen thread (and iron)

Valheim padded armor black metal weapons
Turn black metal and linen thread into new weapons and armor.
Image: Iron Gate Studio/Coffee Stain Publishing via Polygon

Linen thread is used to craft the padded armor set:

  • Padded greaves (10 iron, 20 linen thread)
  • Padded cuirass (10 iron, 20 linen thread)
  • Padded helmet (10 iron, 15 linen thread)

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