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Riot knew Killjoy’s turret would scare Valorant players

Turrets in shooters come with baggage, so Riot designed Killjoy with that in mind

Valorant’s latest patch nerfs the popular jumping shotgun tactic

Valorant’s Act 2 patch adds Killjoy and her many robots

Valorant will finally get a Deathmatch mode in Act 2

Valorant Act 2 starts Aug. 5, includes Killjoy, the game’s newest Agent, and a new battle pass

Valorant’s newest Agent, Killjoy, revealed

Riot hints at Valorant’s newest Agent on Twitter

Valorant getting a new ranked system for Act 2

Valorant’s latest patch might finally make Viper worth playing

Here are the upgrades for Valorant’s Elderflame skins

In Valorant, making a gun into a dragon proved to be a real pain in the ass

Valorant’s upcoming ‘Ultra Edition’ skins turn weapons into living dragons

Valorant’s new patch makes it easier to surrender when you’re getting stomped

Valorant aiming for six new heroes a year, Riot says

Valorant review: The stripped-down, skill-based shooter that’s only getting started

Valorant’s latest patch nerfs Sage ... again

This streaming site shows you which Valorant streamers are playing your favorite Agent

Valorant’s first cinematic trailer is here alongside the game’s launch

Everything you need to know about Valorant’s first battle pass

Valorant launch patch adds new agent, new map, and a new game mode

Valorant’s first new Agent will be Reyna

Riot is renaming Valorant’s confusing top rank for launch

Valorant launching June 2, closed beta ending next week

Valorant’s latest patch makes it harder to run and shoot, nerfs Sage and Cypher

Valorant’s anti-cheat won’t automatically shut down your keyboard and mouse anymore

Riot reverts a tiny Valorant change after fans complain

Twitch is cracking down on the 24/7 Valorant streams

Valorant’s new patch lets you know where you’re getting shot from

Valorant’s ranked mode, Rated, explained

Valorant’s first patch nerfs Raze and Sage

Valorant’s first patch may include a Raze nerf, according to Riot 

Valorant Beta: Which characters you should get first