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PeaceCraft: Raandyy returns for The Great Gnomeregan Run

You can’t keep Raandyy down

You thought he’d hung up his pacifist mantle for good. You thought his quest had ended. And, well ... it did, technically. But Raandyy the Gnome, star of our PeaceCraft series, logged back into World of Warcraft this past weekend to take part in The Great Gnomeregan Run. This limited-time event is a celebration of the same type of odyssey that Raandyy participated in earlier this year — so, of course, Raandyy had to come back for a bonus episode to show all these whippersnappers how it’s done.

You can watch the results of Raandyy’s stab at the Gnomeregan Run above! Also, a big thanks to Blizzard for immortalizing Raandyy’s nonviolent ways in the form of a living, eerily accurate shrine in the swashbuckling city of Booty Bay.

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