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Is Super Mario Odyssey the last Mario game?

And more questions, from the Google

The Super Mario Odyssey. My gosh, but the people are hungry for it. So hungry that I was able to put the “SEO” back in SEO Play and use search-engine optimization to determine the questions that I answered on my show!

People have been asking whether Super Mario Odyssey is the last Mario game, and also whether Super Mario Odyssey is bad.

Expectations for this game are so high that I can feel them like a physical presence all around me, and I am considering calling an exorcist so we can just enjoy it and have a good time, without all this external pressure.

If Super Mario Odyssey delivers on the promise of the trailer where Mario becomes a dinosaur, then I see no reason why this won’t be Game of the Year. Any game involving dinosaurs is automatically eligible, unless you have to kill the dinosaurs. I trust Nintendo to understand how important that distinction is to me.

Anyway, listen to more of my inane rambling by watching this episode. You can watch more of these videos on our YouTube channel, or below.

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