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Some questions about Shadow of War

So many questions about Shelob

This week on the show where I was supposed to answer questions from Google but that got boring, I answer very serious questions from Twitter about Middle-earth: Shadow of War!

This game has been reviewed by us, and we found it OK. It’s pretty much like the last game, but more. Everyone’s favorite part of Shadow of War is orcs — there are lots of orcs in this game.

There’s also a lady that’s also a spider, and some people think she’s hot but here’s some advice for you:


This magical being deserves our respect and courtship. If you think Shelob is hot — good for you! I hope you’re buying a dozen roses right now and delivering them to Cirith Ungol! Ask her what she wants to do. Don’t just assume every date will be dinner and a movie and embalming victims in the dark caverns in which she dwells. There’s more to Shelob than you might think.

Well, that’s enough food for thought. Check out the rest of this season of SEO Play on our YouTube channel.

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