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Screaming our way through Outlast 2

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We are very loud

It is a well-known fact in this world that I am an easily-frightened delicate little baby. Because of this, everyone has been trying to convince me to play scary games on camera.

Well, we tried that earlier this year when Jeff and I played Resident Evil 7, and it made me really, really angry and sad. So instead of that, he’s playing Outlast 2 and I’m watching him and suffering.

Oh, and we put a heart rate monitor on me so that we could understand the science behind my fear. And also that I should probably work out or something. My heart rate skyrockets whenever I stand up.

October seems like a good time to inflict something so horrible upon my person, so please enjoy this first installment of Yellface.

You can of course, watch more awesome Polygon videos on our YouTube channel.

Also, this is the first time we’ve done such a straight-up Let’s Play format, so please let us know what you think of it. Do you miss the water challenge? Do you wish our camera battery hadn’t died? Me too.