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SEO Play wraps up with Knack 47, the 47th installment of the Knack franchise

We’ll miss this planet

Man, it was way easier to think about what I wanted to say about SEO Play when I was writing this post in my head in the middle of the night. That’s actually how most episodes of SEO Play were written: in darkness, when I was half-asleep and all the nonsense could come flooding out of my brain.

SEO Play was the brainchild of one Chris Grant, because … get this … we could make a play for SEO by answering questions that people were Googling. The idea was that because of the algorithm, some of the questions would be hilariously weird.

Well, most of the questions were pretty normal, so I had to make it weird instead.

SEO Play was my first recurring solo show at here at Polygon. From the start people clicked with its weirdness in ways that I didn’t expect.

You asked questions and drew fan art and politely corrected people in the comments who thought it was a serious show. Remember when I accidentally pissed off every single Kingdom Hearts fan? Remember especially that there are NO video games about vampires, and never have been? It was good.

In many ways I think this third season of SEO Play has been the best yet. I’m more confident in my writing. Doing Video Game Theatre has made my face incredibly elastic, which is helpful for Acting. And that’s why it’s the right time to wrap it up.

I wanted to end SEO Play on a high note. I think I did that. Which leaves me only to thank everyone who has made SEO Play possible.

Tara, Joe and Austin willingly sat in a room and watched me say garbage words every Friday for weeks at a time. We discovered stainless steel male bondage fist mitts together! I scream-laughed in Austin’s ears so often he could sue me for damages! And together we learned the greatest truth of all … that I had never once in my life properly pronounced the word “sixth.”

We all cried a little that day. Mostly me, but inside, I think we all did.

And of course, a huge thank you to the people who actually watched this weird-ass show. Thank you for letting me make SEO Play and put my face and my words on the internet, and get so much love back for it. Every creator — hell, every person — should be so lucky. It’s been fun y’all, and no worries: SEO Play was my first show, but it will not be my last. We’ve been working hard over here to make new stuff for you to enjoy, and there will be something coming along soon. Maybe it won’t fill an SEO Play-shaped hole in your heart, but it’ll sure be ... something. Yeah, it’ll be something.



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