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Game Ogre is a show about making mistakes together

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Two heads aren’t better than one in Metal Gear Solid 5

Metal Gear Solid 5 is a game about not being seen. It’s about making a plan, executing it and adapting to the unexpected with lightning reflexes. That stuff is a heck of a lot harder when you’re two people with one hand on a controller.

Simone sends a truck to truck heaven, Patrick teaches her how to kill, and they both learn important lessons about grenades and how not to throw them. Can Simone and Pat overcome their bumbling body to become the greatest super spy ever? Find out in the debut episode of Game Ogre!

Game Ogre is a new bi-weekly show where Pat and Simone share a body and confront gameplay challenges that test their dexterity, teamwork and friendship. Tune in every other Monday for a new episode.