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The Video Team’s Top Games of 2017

The top five games (maybe) from your top five people (also maybe)!

In a year full of games that we have played poorly, portrayed realistically and completed peacefully, how could the video team pick just a handful? Instead, we each picked our top five games that you will inevitably disagree with.

First up, take a visual novel journey with Simone’s top games:

Next, Griffin’s choices (and he was even nice enough to set up an inbox for your comments here):

Pat takes a gently macabre turn with his top games:

Justin gives us the five games that he remembers from this year:

And finally, Russ and his best friend give us their top games with lots of beautiful imagery along the way:

What a wonderful year of games it was. If you’d like to see all of the video team’s GOTY coverage, you can find the full playlist here: