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CoolGames Inc Animated: Disrupting salads, houses, and SXSW

Arugula is the Dark Souls of salad leaves

In this week’s CoolGames Inc animation, we talk about selling our houses on Craigslist, getting panels rejected by South by Southwest, and gamifying salads as part of a ploy to win back SXSW’s love.

CoolGames Inc Animated is created by Polygon’s own Clayton Ashley — you can follow him on Twitter at @Clayton_Ashley. To catch up on past episodes of CoolGames Inc Animated, look no further than our full YouTube playlist, featuring both our own official animations and some of our favorite fan creations.

Want to listen to the full episode? Check out the full-length podcast below, and remember to subscribe to CoolGames Inc on iTunes or via RSS for future episodes!

Last but not least, we like to show off one CoolGames Inc fan creation every week. This time around, we’re highlighting a video from YouTube user PonyProspector, who discovered a moment in an old episode of CoolGames Inc that perfectly foreshadows the latest Car Boys arc. Like, it’s downright uncanny. Thanks, PonyProspector!

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