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Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is a great place to get shot by people you trusted

Polygon’s Awful Squad takes another run at the number one spot

Our boys go on a boat ride.
Patrick Gill (he/him) has been making serious and unserious videos for Polygon since 2016. He also co-hosts & produces Polygon’s weekly livestreams on Twitch.

If our weekly streams of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds are to believed, it’s a good thing we got into the video game business and not the... Balkan Island military adventure murder sport... business. The super-popular multiplayer shooter drops 100 hopefuls onto an abandoned island and tasks them with scavenging, scrapping and shooting their way to the throne of the lone survivor.

In addition to solo and doubles modes, the game features a squad mode that allows you to team up with three future former friends. That’s where Awful Squad comes in. Comprised of Polygon’s best and brightest, Awful Squad is determined to win the day with unconventional tactics and unwavering bravery. So far, it’s not working out.

Some highlights from this week’s stream:

  • We get a big ol’ convoy and it is indeed a beautiful sight.
  • Russ shoots Griffin several times.
  • Griffin kills a whole family.
  • Charlie’s tactical prowess leads to a dramatic last stand.
  • Pretty much the whole squad still refuses to wear pants.

We’re still pretty far from that chicken dinner, but you can’t keep an Awful Squad down. Tune back in next week.