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Night Trap 2017 still doesn’t have a release date

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But we answer some questions about it

This week’s episode of SEO Play answers your misguided and terrible questions about video game Night Trap.

Night Trap is currently in the process of returning to us, at the nebulous drop-date of “spring 2017.” Well, it’s not out yet. And it wasn’t out when I shot this footage two weeks ago. Where is it?

The quintessential morality scare FMV game will come out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, so that The Youth can finally see and judge it for themselves. In case you were dead in the ‘90s, Night Trap caused a big ol’ scandal because it contained exactly zero nudity and yet was about a young ladies’ vampire sleepover. Said scandal resulted in the creation of the ESRB. This video game is historically important.

Questions answered about it in this week’s SEO Play include, “is Night Trap porn?” and “why?”

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