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We embrace our inner bowling champ in Yakuza 0

“Love those golden balls”

Yakuza 0 has a tough exterior, but as Phil and Allegra have learned over the course of their Japanese road trip, this game’s got a real goofy side. That’s rarely been more obvious than in our latest installment of Yakuza 0 to 60, which is all about baseball, bowling and ... bottoms?

Now out of the yakuza, Kiryu spends his free time showing Phil and Allegra how to have fun around Tokyo. His perfect bowling stance wins the attention of the alley’s lady staffers, but there’s way more to Kiryu’s downtime than booty-gazing.

There’s some plot in here, too — Nishiki shows up to talk all about that empty lot we’re supposed to be scouting out ... but for the most part, this episode is all about how to have fun in one of the year’s most sidequest-heavy games.

For more of our Yakuza 0 to 60 adventures, check out the YouTube playlist below.

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