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E3 is open to the public, and other questions

SEO Play takes LA

E3 is happening, in this year of 2017.

As an employee of Polygon dot com, I have signed a blood contract that decrees I must cover this very important event. Nonetheless, I am thrilled about E3, because every year I get to see so many good trailers.

Trailers contain music. The music that plays in game trailers is all that my tender ears are permitted to hear, so E3 is the time of year when I add the most tunes to my playlists. Thrilling!

There are also lots of new games that we’ll play, here in Los Angeles, the city of garbage.

In this episode of SEO Play, we address such issues as: E3 is here. Also, why are the lines so long? We don’t know. They’ve been long since before E3 was open to the public. The lines are long now. It doesn’t make any sense.

SEO Play is a weekly show where we answer questions generated by Google search’s autocomplete function, as well as more questions from YouTube and Twitter. Watch more episodes on YouTube:

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