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Touch the Skyrim: Beginning our final journey with Metroid

The end begins

We’re entering the final stages of the Touch the Skyrim experiment, and boy howdy, are we going out with a bang. For starters, we’ve taken our favorite mods from the first four versions of our game, and combined them into one unimaginable wonderland. The things this game allows to happen simultaneously are completely mind-boggling.

Once we had breathed life into our world, we invited a new protagonist to explore it: Samus Aran, the bounty-hunting hero of Metroid. You might be wondering: How does the incorporation of a laser cannon change the difficulty curve of Skyrim? The answer: It completely annihilates it.

Our hero and world in place, we’ve now set out for the boldest mission we’ve ever taken on: We’re actually going to beat Skyrim. Just as soon as we find that first quest, which we ... uh ... misplaced? Has anyone seen that quest? It’s important that we find that quest.

The next level of puzzles.

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