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The Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets game is not as good as we remember

Everything is in slow motion. Help.

Allegra and Thomas are back again for another installment of PolyPals Jr. This time around, we played Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for the original Xbox.

Why did we start with the second game in the series, you ask? Well, Thomas never played the first one. That’s pretty much the only reason.

While we had pretty fond memories of this game, playing it on a backwards-compatible Xbox 360 is — how do we put this — not good. It turns out that putting the disc on a newer console makes all the cutscenes play in slow motion. Whoopsie daisy.

That didn’t stop us from having some great discussions about the series, though. We go into our favorite characters and lament J.K. Rowling’s incredibly wrong decision to put Harry and Ginny together at the end. Also, did you know that the guy who did the music for the Elder Scrolls games and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic also scored this game? It’s true!

Watch as we toss gnomes at scarecrows, lock a naked imp in a cage and throw stink pellets in the faces of unsuspecting wizards in this episode of PolyPals Jr.

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