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Allegra and Thomas face their greatest fears in RuneScape

The final installment of PolyPals Jr.

Allegra and Thomas play RuneScape

In our conclusion to PolyPals Jr., Allegra and Thomas head to RuneScape, the massively popular 16-year-old browser MMO.

Thomas reminisces on his younger days spent in the land of Gielinor, swiping his scimitar at scorpions and being too scared to wander into the player-versus-player zone, the Wilderness. As he slaughters innocent cows and fills Allegra in on the game’s plot, a friend appears to grace our stream with his presence.

After a visit from a mysterious old man, several other adventurers join Allegra and Thomas on a rip-roaring journey to build canoes, visit towns unknown and meet adorable gnomes. One of our new pals gives Thomas a rare item and a million gold coins for some reason. It all culminates in a frantic battle as Thomas faces his greatest fear: the Wilderness itself.

Can Thomas and Allegra survive the trek while carrying over a million coins’ worth of goods on them? Check the video above and join us in this riveting final installment of PolyPals Jr!

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