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Cuphead: Can we trust him? And more questions, answered


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Update: A previous version of this article said that Cuphead is coming to PS4, which was a typo no doubt born of wishful thinking when what I really meant to write was “PC.” Cuphead is absolutely not coming to PS4.

Welcome back to SEO Play, a show where I answer questions about the hottest games that I can find. Definitely the hottest game of the last many years is the run-and-gun platformer Cuphead, which was drawn frame-by-frame until all the artists’ hands fell off. Bless them for their work.

A beautiful game that was made to make me sad, Cuphead is coming out on Sept. 29 for Xbox One and PC. I really, really want to enjoy it for many hours.

But first I have to tell you everything I know about it. Like, for one thing, the cups in Cuphead are mugs. But what if they were jazz cups? What if?

Solo Jazz Cup
Office Depot

Seems like a missed opportunity.

We also address the issue of whether this game is coming out. Yes. Glad that’s settled.

Last time you watched SEO Play I was in California at E3, where I tragically stepped through a crack in space and time and forgot that my mortal friends could not follow me there, lest they wither to dust. Oops! My bad. I promise I won’t do that again.

You can see previous episodes of SEO Play on our YouTube channel:

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