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Blindfolds and Cyberpunk 2077 predictions: It’s our Week in Revue

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And only the slightest mention of my crossover fan fiction.

Welcome to Week in Revue, a one-minute musical recap of all of the gaming news you need to stay in the loop, curated (and promptly mangled) by me, Brian David Gilbert.

Articles discussed:

  1. The Switch has demolished Wii U sales
  2. You can die in public when Dark Souls comes to the Switch in May
  3. Finally, Donkey Kong and Rabbids can coexist
  4. Cyberpunk 2077 is back in action (maybe)
  5. Get to know the Overwatch League (and fall in love with Excelsior)
  6. The blindfolded Battletoads run from Awesome Games Done Quick