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Metal Gear & Labo Friends: It’s Week in Revue!

With a special appearance from my best pal, Scrundler

Welcome to Week in Revue, a one-minute musical recap of all of the gaming news you need to stay in the loop, curated (and promptly mangled) by me, Brian David Gilbert.

Articles discussed:

  1. Metal Gear Survive is interesting (just don’t bring up Kojima)
  2. Nintendo Labo is just like your childhood. Your lonely childhood
  3. Yakuza 6 trailer is CHOCK FULL of hot dads
  4. Sims 4 now lets you do laundry when you put it off in real life
  5. Street Fighter 5 has an arcade mode. Finally
  6. Stay away from my Fable rumors, Molyneux.

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