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Wandersong is a musical game inspired by cartoons like Steven Universe

A full octave of fun

In the first minute of Wandersong, you lose your sword and start to sing. This musical indie game isn’t about fighting or conflict. It’s about how your voice can change the world.

Wandersong is a whimsical puzzle-adventure game. The player character can sing a full octave of notes to solve puzzles. These range from finding creative ways to get around, to helping angry ghosts find peace.

Allegra Frank sat down with Greg Lobanov, the creator of Wandersong, for a guided tour of the demo. The game is purposefully very forgiving, Lobanov told us. It’s about the journey, not the exact sequence of notes you sing to get there.

During our demo, Lobanov walked us through the game’s first area and a later, more puzzle-intensive section. Rather than drawing inspiration from other musical games, Lobanov says that the development team looked to cartoons that incorporate music, such as Steven Universe and Over The Garden Wall, for both the aesthetic and the non-intimidating tone and pace. Likewise, these shows are all about the power of friendship, a message that Wandersong shares.

Wandersong will launch on PC, Mac, and the Nintendo Switch in 2018.

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