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Watch Civilization 6 expansion Rise and Fall gameplay

New ideas add to strategy game’s depth and complexity

Last week I got to play the first 150 turns of Civilization 6: Rise and Fall, an expansion that’s due for release on Feb. 8.

Our gameplay video shows off some of the game’s new ideas, including the notion of cities showing disloyalty to the empire, specialist governors who come with specific boosts, and new ways to interact with AI allies. The video also touches on some of the new leaders who’ll be making an appearance, including Wilhemina, Queen of the Netherlands, Seondeok of Korea and Poundmaker of The Cree.

There’s also a section at the end that shows the expansion’s stirring intro footage, in which a young woman experiences history throughout the ages. You can also read our in-depth preview of Civilization 6: Rise and Fall here.

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