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We found a way to get killed twice as hard in PUBG

An Awful Squad of one

Simone and I are no strangers to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. We join the battle royale just about every week on our extremely good series Awful Squad. We’re not exactly Solid Snake out there, but we come pretty close to the chicken dinner. Add a two-headed sweater and a wizard’s curse to the mix, and things get a little more complicated.

On this week’s Game Ogre, we’re tasked with getting to the top 10 of a public PUBG match. Can we use teamwork, dexterity, and tactical awareness to overcome the odds? Tune in to find out!

Game Ogre is a bi-weekly series that we’re forced to do because of an ill-advised theft of wizard gold. Our executive producer, Tara Long, is hoping that by making videos about our pain, Pat and I will learn to be better and more generous people.

Called a “comedy” by some, it’s actually a story about two people who are really sad to be forced to spend time together playing video games. Think about that next time you start to laugh at one of our stunts.

Check out previous episodes on Polygon’s YouTube channel!

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