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PUBG’s replay feature makes beautiful art

What the game’s new replay feature was made for

I’ve been watching Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds replay videos for about a month now. I’ve been waiting for ... something. Anything, really, other than hackers, glitches and literal trash humans. This morning my patience was rewarded.

PUBG is art now. It is also a very video-gamey video game.

When it officially launched last month, the team behind Battlegrounds introduced an ingenious replay feature. Not only does it serve as a kill camera to show you what you did wrong in your final moments, but it also records everything around you within a one-kilometer radius. Then, it lets you play the action back from any angle. If you’re patient with the controls you can even turn that footage into a film.

One player, who goes by the handle ShadowSix, was out and about in a stolen car with some friends — streamer JackFrags, among others — when something amazing happened.

The foursome jumped a complete stranger on a motorcycle, then proceeded to tear into the man with everything in their arsenal. Outnumbered, virtually defenseless and with their life bar rapidly ticking down, the stranger on the motorcycle did the only thing he could do. He turned into ShadowSix’s car, and let Battlegrounds’ insane physics system do its worst.

I won’t spoil the ending for you, but be sure to watch all the way through to the end.

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