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Skywind, the fan project to rebuild Morrowind inside Skyrim, gets a new trailer

But when can we actually play it?

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The team behind the Skywind mod, the effort to rebuild The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind inside The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, has released a brand-new trailer. It focuses on House Dagoth, which fans may remember is responsible for the original game’s mysterious cult. Well, one of them at least. While there’s still no word of a release date, representatives tell Polygon the all-volunteer team is still hard at work on the project.

“Skywind is an enormous undertaking,” a representative told Polygon from inside the team’s official Discord chat. “The worldspace is huge and we want it to be crammed with life and history and culture, but the project is run entirely by volunteers with limited time. This makes it really difficult to give a prediction for a release date that we could be confident we can stick to, so we’d much rather stick to a ‘done when it’s done’ approach and be confident that when a public release happens, we’ll be showing the world something we’re truly happy with.”

Titled “The Fall of House Dagoth,” the trailer highlights many of the darker, more sinister locations from Morrowind. Those include sections of the Ash Wastes in central Vvardenfell, underground caverns lit by flickering candles, and intricate Dwemer ruins. The narration comes courtesy of Ryan Cooper, a professional voice actor who, in my opinion, brings just the right amount of Sean Bean to the role of Dagoth Endus.

As it turns out, Skywind is more than just a direct port. The team is actually enriching the experience where it’s able. That effort was particularly challenging for locations inhabited by House Dagoth.

“As level designers, we always love more 3D assets to work with,” said a senior level designer who goes by the handle SquallyDaBeanz. They also created the latest trailer. “When we started to focus on dungeons that revolve around the House Dagoth, it started to become apparent that the original assets and decor used in Morrowind weren’t going to cut it for the remake.

“We want more than just a few creepy banners and red candles to help them stand out, so I think finding creative ways to represent who House Dagoth is and what they represent will be a challenge. We don’t want them to be your typical villains. This is a disgraced political power that is returning in force, and we want to make that presence felt.”

Skywind isn’t the only Morrowind mod in the news lately. Just last month the team behind Tamriel Rebuilt released an update for their mod, which has been in development for 17 years. That project seeks to recreate the original design first envisioned by the team at Bethesda Softworks, adding land, characters and questlines on to the original game using the original engine.

It’s the efforts of teams like the ones behind Skywind and Tamriel Rebuilt that continue to keep games in The Elder Scrolls series relevant today. That’s one of the reasons we included both Morrowind and Skyrim in our Polygon Essentials list of the best PC games.

For more on the Skywind mod, or to join the team, head to the official website.

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