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Which Mega Man robot masters were worth the risk?

We can all agree Chill Man is better than Snake Man

The Mega Man robot masters weren’t meant to be evil. Most were built to do important tasks, like creating non-polluting energy, before Dr. Wily turned them on humanity.

Wow. What a good tour guide.

But some, like Centaur Man, were meant to be tour guides.

That led me to ask: which of these sentient robot masters were really worth the risk of a robot uprising? Could no one see that Blade Man, a sentient robot with swords for arms, was a bad idea?

So I decided to once again don my suit and lock myself in a studio (as I have done for the Zelda timeline and Skyrim’s books) to rank all 200+ Mega Man robot masters from most to least useful. Spoiler alert: about 15 of them are actually worth it. Sorry, Snake Man, you didn’t make the cut.

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