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I used Castlevania’s bestiary to find the next hot monster

Vampires are passé

Unraveled is the video series where I get overly comprehensive about game lore. So when I was tasked with doing a video for one of my favorite game series, Castlevania, I knew I needed to do something big.

So I spent multiple work days going through Castlevania’s full bestiary to learn every monster’s backstory, every enemy’s folklore, every demon’s mythology. I filmed this video three separate times. I spent Thanksgiving week editing six hours of footage into a 15-minute video. And after three whole weeks of work, I can definitively say:

I have found Castlevania’s hottest monster.

Was this the most time-consuming video I’ve ever made (even more time-consuming than when I read all of Skyrim’s books)? Yes. Was it the most absurd video I’ve ever made (even more absurd than ranking all of the Mega Man robot masters)? Sure.

Was it worth it? Almost definitely.

You can watch all of my Unraveled videos in our YouTube playlist. And while you’re over there, make sure to subscribe to Polygon’s channel.

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