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I made a formula to scientifically calculate the game of the year

My mom helped

“Brian,” I hear you mutter as you start reading this article, “the game of the year articles are done. Polygon has already published a lot of high-quality essays and criticism about all of the wonderful games released in 2018. All the hot takes have been taken!”

Well, intelligent reader, I have a strongly held belief about takes: The only thing better than a hot take is a cold, calculated, meticulous take that involves a lot of spreadsheets and also calling my mother.

I’ve scientifically calculated the game of the year.

The arguments are over.

And it’s all thanks to this formula:


But a formula is nothing without showing your work, which is exactly what I do in the video above. You can watch all of my Unraveled videos in our playlist, and while you’re doing that, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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