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Creating Bambi 2 in virtual reality

Someone get the Academy on the line

Bambi 2, the first feature-length film created by Brian Gilbert and Simone de Rochefort, was released on YouTube today to thunderous acclaim.

We created this film in the VR game Mindshow. Mindshow lets you set a scene, fill it with props, and then embody the voices and actions of your characters. Using this wondrous technology, Brian and I decided to do some jazz and create a film on the fly.

Here’s what the critics are saying:

“What even is this?” - A person named Andrew

“This is the funniest shit I’ve Ever seEN I’ve GainEd a SeCOND SOUL.” - Twitter user @Tori_Domi

There you have it! Check out our YouTube channel for more, and you can find Mindshow on Steam.

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